Count Your Blessings

I am thankful for my family: all five of them. I am thankful for the way my family is; we love to talk and just be in each others presence. I am thankful for my sisters; they love me and I love them. I am thankful for my grandmother. Though she is awfully ill, she […]

The Not-So-Full Story

Although there are six members in my family,  we love to travel. We manage to save up money and travel to somewhere in the world. And my father loves to take pictures of us whenever we travel. He makes us pose and he makes us look natural to take pictures. This is all because photographs […]

The Art of French

Switzerland & France 19 March 2016 ~ 26 March 2016 Geneva, Switzerland & Paris, France Finally~ A trip to France and Switzerland with my French class! A selfie on my Polaroid with my mother before heading to airport with my friend because selfies become mandatory sometimes. We arrived at the airport at 08:00pm exact. Sadly, we […]