For Those to Come

Dear Sophomores who will be taking Advanced Placement English Language and Composition,

You may think that you are walking into a harder version of the Anglo-American Literature. But you are wrong. The two classes are very different.

American Lit is a class where you read books and analyze the storyline, character development, and solutions. AP Lang is a class where you read books and analyze how the author got his message and moral across. So don’t expect to do many story discussions.

The vocabulary quizzes can be easy, I promise. Just figure out a way to study that fits best for you. For example, Michelle Musili only had to look at it once before the quiz to ace the exam and I had to study all morning and all lunch in order for me to get higher than a 90%. At least I wasn’t like other kids who had to study all night in order to pass. So just find out a way that you can memorize best. Also, remember to make up examples that don’t make sense at all; they stick to your memory even better.

Blog posts can be fun to write. Just look at the prompt in different angles before actually writing it. It is a place where you can write what you wish others knew more about you or your opinions. Do not be afraid to voice yourself; that’s forbidden.

But that’s an important note. Don’t lose your own voice and opinions. Every time you say something you had never thought about to the class, the more the class will learn from you, be challenged by you, and start thinking because of you. And AP Lang is a class where students should constantly be improving in their thoughts in order to write a rich essay.

Every week, you will be required to write an essay. Don’t get your hopes up and expect high grades from the start. Your grades will be horrible. But do not ever give up because that is the road to even lower grades. She will give you writing logs and those things, though tedious, can be very useful. You get to read your essay and actually realize where you are weak and where you are strong; when you are writing it, it just seems amazing.

Remember to participate in discussions and remember to include the quiet ones in the classroom; that’s how you get higher grades during discussion times. Also, feel free to discuss out of the classroom environment; it really benefits your knowledge and your opinion.

One last note: Love Ms. Magnuson. She may seem mean, especially when she’s throwing your 19% papers at you, but she is full of love. Her passion for writing and words is beyond my capability to describe. Keep in mind that though she may be physically white, she did not grow up anywhere close to the States or just white people in general. Her love for her students is also amazing. She writes handwritten notes to her students and is always willing to give and receive hugs. Let her love you and appreciate her.

Well, I cannot say that this letter did much to prep you for AP Lang next year but I really hope you have a general sense and outline of what you should expect. Bestest of luck in your future AP Lang endeavors ūüôā

A Junior who is taking Advanced Placement English Language and Composition,
Hanny Lee.


Jesus Christ

I am a Christian. I am a Christian who is not afraid to challenge what she believes. I am a Christian who is not afraid to challenge what she believes and what she is meant to believe.

If you really despise Christians and Christianity but don’t know enough about the religion to do anything about it, it’s your lucky day because this is a piece written just for you.

I will not be too philosophical about the religion because I do not have a degree in Christianity and theology. However, I would like to start off by saying that although I am willing and actually do challenge my beliefs, my religion, I still am Christian and want to become a stronger Christian.

I have touched upon so many of the aspects people, both Christians and nonChristians, misunderstand about in my previous posts but I will just restate them so that we are all on the first page.

Christians use the Bible as a weapon all the time. But many of the time, people do so without actually knowing so much or understanding so much about it. One of the biggest ways Christians use the Bible to attack people is when they confront homosexual people. “God hates gay people,” they say. Every time someone says that I want to cross my arms, cock my head to the side and ask, “Oh really? Where’s the proof? Unless God whispered to you that he absolutely despises these people, there is no evidence.”

Why you ask? There are several points but I will only mention two.

First, the Bible never says anything like how homosexual people will rot in hell. There was this one time in the book of Genesis where two angels blind a whole city of gay people. But that was because these gay people wanted to rape the two angels; it had nothing to do with their sexuality. If a city full of men were trying to rape two women, I’m sure angels would still have blinded them all.

Second, God tells people to love one another and to not hate anyone. So why would he hate gay people? God isn’t a hypocrite so there is no way he has ever and will ever say that.

Another confusing part about Christianity is using the Lord’s name in vain. Since I was a small child, I learned the Ten Commandments. The fourth commandment states, “Do not use the Lord’s name in vain.” And all these Sunday school teachers teach their students to never say “Oh my God,” or “Jesus Christ,” or “Jesus fucking Christ,” and you get the gist.

I say these phrases, though not all, in my everyday life and I am not trying to justify my actions through this point. But is saying the Trinity’s name every time we are shocked the only way we use the Lord’s name in vain?

I say no because so many Christians use the Lord’s name in vain in different ways. If you live your everyday life full of actions that are viewed as bad to even the nonChristians and claim that you are a born again Christian at the end of the day, that is using the Lord’s name in vain. You do not have to physically use the titles God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit; you can just be a really bad Christian.

For example, if everyone knows that you have been playing with a girl’s feelings and that you have led her on although all you want is her body and claim that you are a Christian, you just defied the fourth commandment. If you tell everyone that you have become a Christian but no one realized until you told them, you just defied the fourth commandment because that would mean that there was no difference between the nonChristian you and the born again Christian you. So stop. Stop one thing or another because you are using the Lord’s name in vain.

I feel like a hypocrite, I must say, condemning all these Christians when I also fit into some of these categories I am bashing. But hey, at least I’m willing to admit it.

Another one of the confusions Christians have is how often they should go to church. Some say and believe every other week and others every week. The Bible never actually says a particular amount but does certainly say that the seventh day of every week is the sabbath where people rest and praise God. So I guess he does indirectly say how many times a week. But this indirectness leaves room for misinterpretations. don’t you think?

The Bible also never says that alcohol is bad and that people should not drink it. In fact, Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine for a wedding party. He also drank wine, a type of alcohol. Then why do Christians not like the idea of drinking?

Let me tell you why. It is not the action of drinking that we Christians rebuke. It is the act of losing control. Once you are drunk, you cannot control your actions or think straight. Your morals would have been thrown out of the window in a blink of an eye. Drugs have the same effect, as we all know. God wants us to be in control of the mind he gave us.

However, God also gifted us with our physical bodies. It is capable of doing and feeling so many things; it is amazing whether we like ours or not. But alcohol and drugs — which by the way include caffeine and nicotine — ruin our bodies; it ruins what could have once been perfect. If we gave someone a present that is one of a kind, we wouldn’t like to see it be treated like absolute uselessness where is it tossed around and thrown in fires, you know?

I just wish that Christians would do a little more research before throwing verses out there meant to stab someone’s consciousness. With a little context, people could easily knock your argument out. Not only that, the Bible is not a spear. At most, it should be a shield. Yet every day I witness someone beating down another with the Bible, sometimes even literally.

I also believe that once more people in the Christian community are willing to challenge the beliefs and morals of their religion, Christianity will learn to look back at itself and realize what they are doing wrong.

We, Christians, need to read and learn about the Bible more and stand up to things we do not believe is correct.

Wait, Education?

Most middle or upper-class children dedicate at least 12 years of their lives to education. But why? What’s so good about education that we spend thousands, if not millions, of our money to sit in classrooms and listen to people talk about what they know?

In my 11 years of education that I have had so far, I can guarantee you one thing: Education systems in school try to teach hard facts. Hard facts, physical facts, things that just can be explained universally.

Grades are also a way to label people universally and rate them and these grades are results of the physical facts that are taught to us.

I’m not saying that’s bad, don’t get me wrong. Learning chemical reactions and how to compose an essay probably will benefit my life one day, some day. But at the same time, is that good?

Slowly, one by one, we become just like each other, knowing the same things, saying the same things, and wanting to be the same things. So in the future generations to come, we will all be exactly the same apart from those exceptionally genius beings.

But instead, schools should be educating us on how to be ourselves, how to be one of a kind. We should learn how to have opinions of our own and how to express them with confidence. Sadly, schools are doing just the opposite. Though they tell us to be one of a kind, they make sure we are one of a kind according to their rules.

There should be education systems that teach us to be ourselves and to love ourselves. Sure, it’s mentioned here and there, but no, it’s never actually taught and talked about too much.

Where’s the benefit in an all same world, though? If everyone is just like everyone else, what’s the point? Why attempt to make new relationships when you know that they will be exactly, think exactly, and have knowledge exactly like you? And then once there are no human relationships, there is no more world, and kaboom, there goes the end of the world.

Okay, okay. That was extreme but I was hoping my use of hyperbole will help you understand more vividly. I tell people that their hyperbole takes away their credibility but hey, I hope you get the point.

In this generation, the education system that we have now teaches its students to believe and know facts or more vaguely things that can be proven. This is why schools don’t teach about love or hate. This is why people don’t talk too deeply about morals; there’s nothing that can be proven concretely.

13 Reasons Why

Entertainment is thought to be fun and light, making people’s day just a bit brighter. That is often the way most people see entertainment as. However, no one realizes how entertainment can play with someone’s mind with its underlying messages that people do not realize they learned.
13 Reasons Why was originally a book that has become a short 13 episode TV series just recently. I have had debates with numerous people because I am not the biggest fan of it. I have not yet finished the show, but I did read the book when I was a freshman in high school.
Here is the plot in a nutshell: This girl named Hannah Baker kills herself and sends out cassette tapes to 13 peoples, telling them they are the 13 reasons why she killed herself.
Don’t get me wrong, I like the book and the production so far. It shows that people should be careful with what they say and do to someone because no one ever knows how they will end up effecting that poor someone. That is a great message to get across, I must admit but that’s only the physical message it gets across.
First, although the show does not speicifcally take suicide lightly, making a TV series about that as a whole kind of does that job. If you know anything about the storyline, you must know that it doesn’t make Hannah Baker’s suicide that tragically. Instead, it makes it a mystery and shows people more pissed at the fact that the girl killed herself than sad and depressed, mourning about it.
The tapes go around and the other students determined to destroy the tapes because they are afraid the tapes will be let out and they will be blamed for the death of Hannah Baker instead of showing kids actually mourning and being sad because of Hannah Baker’s death.
Second, there is an underlying message that says you can inflict pain on others if you’re in pain. But that’s not okay, not okay at all. In the show, the 13 people now have guilt to carry for killing someone they knew. I guess the guilt isn’t all bad but it was not the best way to get that message across.
Everyone only speaks of how the show shoes that we should be careful with what we say and do to others. But inside, deep inside, so deep that no one actually notices that they learned this, people now have that unconscious thought of having the option to cause other people pain if they are too. But that’s not right and people should also know that.
But 13 Reasons Why is only a TV series, a form of entertainment. Yet it has a way to get to people in ways that no one actually realizes.

Dear Rosslyn Academy

Dear Rosslyn Academy,

Creativity is the power to think of something no one else has ever before: the power to create. And I used to be a kid overflowing with creativity.

During art class, if I were to create a monster of my choice, I didn’t have to think too hard for a brilliant monster to pop into my mind and just fill my mind all day with the powers it has.

During writing class, if I were to write a story and create a plot, it felt like a piece of cake. Each and every character’s name, history, and features would just automatically play out in my head, involuntarily directing and producing a movie in my head.

During my free time, if I were to play alone, playing make-believe was the easiest and most fun thing to do. I would cook with the plants and mud, creating a feast for my fellow animal friends. I would pretend to have powers and fight the shadows the nature created for me. I would dress up and perform a fashion show for my stuffed dolls and barbies. I would just have fun with what my mind created.

Because that’s what creativity is. Creativity is the juices one’s mind¬†generates.

I have been in Rosslyn Academy for 10 of the 11 years of my school life. That one year I did not attend to Rosslyn Academy made me realize how great of a school it was and is. Though conservative, I realized that there was a lot of room left for leeway here and there.

Yet it had its constrictions because my brain does not create the same juices it used to when I was younger. The teachers only talk about facts

The teachers¬†teach us something and there is nothing else but that. Yes, there are classes that allow room for debates and discussion times, which really helps, but that’s also based on facts; things we already know to be true.

We cannot create chemical solutions with our minds anymore. We have to actually and physically mix the real elements and observe the reactions created, not we create. We have to see the colors and smell the scent it creates instead of making it smaragdine that smells like boiled eggs seasoned with cinnamon. The class may give you a chance to hypothesize something, but if you hypothesize wrong, that’s a zero for that section no matter that the word hypothesis means.

We go to our English classes and when they want you to either make up a story or a poem, they also give you a structure it should follow. They also give you requirements for the storyline. We should have this type of thing happen to this amount of characters. There’s room for creativity, but only for some of it.

Challenging teachers have actually been my forte. I’ve just not been the most respectful challenger in the world, but teachers take it in different ways. Some totally disagree with the general idea of, “How dare you challenge me?” going on if they don’t say it directly. Yet there are also teachers who are willing to hear you out and actually learn from you, making it easier to learn from them.

Creativity is not black and white where it’s you come up with an idea or not. Creativity also includes thinking for yourself. And that is something Rosslyn Academy insists we do yet do not allow us to do.

For us, students, to understand the rules given, we must be able to question them and understand why those rules came to be. I have tried, yet I have only received dirty looks and hard times from the authority.

Here are a few examples:

Why does Mr. Dirk Jasperse not allow us to wear anything on our heads during class? When I asked him the first time, he just said it’s his rules and that’s that. The second time I asked, he said it was a sign of disrespect that he didn’t want in his classroom. But I personally think that being able to cover my greasy hair is respecting others. They don’t deserve to have that sight or odor near them.

Why does Mr. Dirk Jasperse not allow us to use our phones in his classroom in general? There are days I go to class early and just sit down with my phone in hand. He would come up to me and specifically ask to not use that device in his classroom. But why? Why or how does that effect him? It’s not even class time and it’s certainly not me laughing my butt off or calling someone really loudly.

Why does Mr. Dirk Jasperse not allow us to work on other class things in his classroom?¬†Every Friday, he gives us a quiz to challenge the knowledge we obtained about Chemistry the past two weeks during first period. Once I’m done, I also had an AP Psychology quiz every day during second period. So I preferred to study for the quiz coming up in literally ten minutes instead of doing an assignment not due until the week after. Yet when I asked why, he said that it’s his classroom and his classroom is a Chemistry classroom.

Gee, thanks, Mr. Jasperse. Now I perfectly understand your rules and why you have them.

Like so, dear Rosslyn Academy, you should not just teach your students to think for themselves. You should allow it. Because right now, you’re telling us to be creative and locking us up in a small box.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this,
Hanny Lee.


On 14th of April 2013, a ferry with the name of Sewol sank on the southwest coast of Korea, killing 304 people.

It was a great tragedy where the citizens of Korea could do nothing else but sit and anxiously watch the big ferry sink.

The news reports said it was a tragic accident. Tragic, yes. But accident? no.

There are way too many traces of the government’s hands in the sinking of the Sewol ferry for it to be the accident the public has labeled it to be.

The ferry was supposed to carry students from this rich school. However, just before leaving the port, plans were changed. Instead of taking the high school students from the rich school, it ended up taking high school students from a more common school.

That’s not all the only suspicious thing that appeared upon its leave. It was a foggy day. Though I do not know much about sailing, I’ve watched enough movies to know that ships, ferry, watches, and just boats, in general, don’t set sail on a foggy day because the captains cannot see ahead of them. So let me repeat. It was a foggy day. So all the ferries at that port, that day, decided to not go to Jeju island. All but the Sewol ferry.

Even just by looking at the start, people can see that something was up.

Now, let us look at how the boat sank. If we trace back the tracks of the ferry, it takes a sharp turn at one point. This ferry was not a small boat. It had rooms after rooms and floors just below 5. Captains, when training how to drive a¬†ship, learn not to make¬†quick turns on water because the ship will flip. Yet that afternoon, the captain made a sudden turn. But then again, Sewol ferry was a big ferry. It needs great amounts of momentum for it to flip over. And guess what just happened to be at the top of the ferry: shipping containers that weren’t tied down properly. Who would have guessed? And after the ferry went down,¬†the government did not allow the ferry to be fished out. So containers have had to stay down for a while.

After the boat started sinking, the lifeguards were set out. But that was it. The marines were ordered not to make a move. So the lifeguards went out and saved the captain and some of the crew members… and left. Just like that. They saved and evacuated the people who should have stayed behind until they were sure every one of their passengers was safe and out of the sinking piece of metal. If that does not strike you as suspicious, I really don’t know what does. On the news, when the reporter was telling us about how everyone was trying their hardest of rescue and save everyone, the camera footage shows a lonely ferry slowly sinking. The lifeguard boats at stepped back and just waited around.

That’s not the end of these nonsense lifeguards. They did fish out the people who came out of the ferry on their own, but those people have testified that they said some horrible things while saving them: things like “God why is he so fat?” and “How did the kid survive?”

Countries from all over the world offered to help, sending their own marines. They, too, could not stand looking at this tragedy unfolding in front of them even though it wouldn’t ever affect them. Yet just like the government shut down the Korean marines, they did the same for the marines of the other countries.

And while this not-actually-happening rescue was not-actually-happening, people hacked into the phones of the high schoolers drowning in the ferry and texted their parents: “Mom, I’m in the kitchen.” “Save me, please!” “I’m scared.” “Mommy… I love you.” This made it seem like the rescue was not happening because these kids were still surviving¬†because there was still a chance these kids could be alive. But when the officials checked, it had hackers’ fingerprints all over it.

Right after this, the first person arrested was the principal of the high school that was on their ferry. He was interviewed and he was suspected. He ended up killing himself, not being able to handle the weight of everyone’s death and the government’s pressure. Can someone actually stare me in the eye and tell me that he was not a scapegoat? What did he do wrong? His students weren’t supposed to be on that ferry in the first place!

When the bereaved families did a demonstration against the government for the truth, they were punished, looked down upon, and even arrested. They were only demanding for the truth. They had been fighting for the truth for almost 4 years now.

Oh, did I mention that the president at that time was the daughter of a dictator we had about 30 years ago? Well, she is. But recently, she was impeached and the ferry was taken out of the ocean just a week or two ago. The inspection is going, but it’s not going well. Miscommunication is so common, which doesn’t make sense. The people fishing out the ship are too vague and refusing to share the information to those who have been sleeping on the docks just waiting for news.

Sewol means time and ages. As time passes, as ages go by, we, the people, are hoping for the truth to reveal itself, for the people who deserve it to get punished, and for the bereaved families to find peace. And that time will come; it will come.


Shel Silverstein is a humpback anglerfish. He looks real scary and intimidating. He also looks kind of rough. But he intends no harm to human beings. And just like the humpback anglerfish lures its prey with a glowing light, he lures his readers with his poetry.

Shel Silverstein is a peppermint flower. His ideas are peppermint sticks, peppermint tea, peppermint this, and peppermint that. But like the peppermint flower, not many people actually know much about him. Most, including the internet, only know his poetry. No one really knows about his life.

Shel Silverstein is a pair of fluffy socks. His poems may seem goofy and superficial at first glance. In fact, it may also seem like it was made for kids. But once you get into them, they made you feel warm and comfortable. But sometimes, it get’s too warm and makes you uncomfortable by making your toes sweat.

Shel Silverstein is Sunday. In the beginning, it’s all chill. Things aren’t that intense unless you’re having serious trouble with your church. But once the evening comes along, you realize that tomorrow is Monday. Like so, when you read his poem, it seems light and usually humorous. But the more you read it over and over, something starts becoming odd and off.

Shel Silverstein is a peach. His physical appearance is pretty rough. Like allergies, it causes other people to stay away from him. But often, people take one bite and fall in love. The sweetness and juiciness attract¬†people after people no matter the age. It’s all nice and soft until you reach the seed. Once it stabs your gums, it hurts like crap and that’s the end of the oh-so-sweet peach.

Shel Silverstein is the color green. With the childish yellow and deep blue, it creates a natural green.

Shel Silverstein is a circle. We can’t decide on what he is. Is he a shape with no angles at all? Or is he a shape with too many angles for the naked eye to catch?

Shel Silverstein is a fruit shake. We have no idea what kind of fruits are in that mixture. But the smell, the sweet, sour, indescribable scent is so pleasing and specific that you could almost guess the fruits within. Almost.

Shel Silverstein is a penthouse. People who love views will absolutely adore the place, but people afraid of heights wouldn’t even dare.

Shel Silverstein is childish. This doesn’t mean that he is stupid and reckless. He is innocent and pure and uses childlike descriptions to get the message across. And through this, he is able to reach people of all ages.

Shel Silverstein is a recorder. Most elementary students who go to a school with an American system learn how to play the recorder. Because of this, it is given a label of being easy and lame. But in reality, it can make beautiful noises that tie together into a song.

Shel Silverstein is spring. He is the blossom of flowers and sprinkles of rain that comes right after the struggles, winter, and the coldness.

Shel Silverstein is a sewing machine. He brings scraps from all over the place and stitches them together to make a piece of clothing.¬†It depends on him on what kind of clothing. It could be a baby’s bib, a servant’s head dressing, and a pastor’s tie.

Shel Silverstein is a breeze. It’s cooling and relaxing. But without research, you have no idea how it starts, where it comes from, and why.

Shel Silverstein is Dobby from the Harry Potter. Though he struggles sometimes, he manages to say a word or two of wisdom to those around him. But like mentioned, sometimes, he confuses people and uses weird grammar.

Word of the Day: abditory
(n.) a place into which you can disappear; hiding place

Good Luck

In a society filled with endless people with talents similar to you, a resume is one way to present yourself to those above you. This means that a resume is something rather formal and actually has important parts to it.

You can see a resume as a way of advertising yourself. You’re trying to sell yourself to other people so that you get employed, accepted, and so forth.

This means that your resume should be long enough, containing all the information it needs. However, it shouldn’t be too long because if the important people reading your precious resume becomes bored, you’re kind of screwed.

There is no mandatory structure that companies or universities require of you but there certainly is an order that is recommended.

First, contact details.

This information would include your full name, email address, and a phone number typically. Depending on the job you’re applying for, the address of where you live will or will not be needed.

Second, an opening statement.

This opening statement is something like an introductory paragraph of an essay. This paragraph has to be written in first¬†person but never use the pronouns “I” and “me.” So for example, you’d say, “Can eat a whole chicken” instead of, “I can eat a whole chicken.” Since it is the first thing the superiors will read, it is recommended to start with a sentence explaining who you are and what you can bring to the job. And the rest of the paragraph would be a couple lines describing the skills, advantages, knowledge, and experience you have that will bring benefit to the place.

Third, skills and strength.

From this section¬†on, it will be written as a list. The title of this section is rather straightforward. Of course, the skills you put down should be somewhat relevant to what you’re quote-on-quote trying out for. Like if you’re turning in a resume to a company like LG, listing “great lap dances” isn’t the best idea in the world. On this list, you can also include the past jobs you’ve had, your major, and possibly any volunteer work you were involved in in the past.

Fourth, personal attributes.

This is a way to dress yourself if you haven’t had too much experience before. This section would be a list of traits you have: responsibility, honesty, flexibility, etc. You just have to make sure that this list does not overlap with your skills and strength.

Fifth, educational history.

When’s your education going to be used? Right here, baby. This list will contain two parts. The first part will only have one thing: your highest education level. You don’t have to share your results unless it benefits you. The second part will have a couple academic achievements you achieved in the past.

Sixth, employment history.

Go the opposite of chronologically: recent to first. It’s recommended to give the position title and the period you worked there. Of course, there’s always a first. In that case, where you don’t have any work history, feel free to add work experiences or internships you’ve had in and through school or volunteer work you’ve done in the past. It’s good to had a list of achievements you reached or significant contributions you gave in each job.

Seventh, recommendations.

It’s always good to use ethos and have at least two other people saying good things about you. Of course, it could be like a, “Bob is very good to children.” But it’s better if it supports you as an employee. You should also add their contact information so that the people hiring you can check that you didn’t just recommend yourself with a fake identity.

There are certainly things you shouldn’t or don’t need to put in your resume. Private information, typos and errors, pictures, fancy editing, tables, and just really unformal things. Also, make sure many different people get a chance to review your resume because those few pages decide you fewer ever so literally.

So there you have it! Bestest of luck with your future endeavors!
Word of the Day: selcouth
(adj.) unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvelous

Google It

These days in the 21st century, there is a lot of information out there. In fact, there is too much information out there.

That was such a vague statement but just hear me out. When we get a research project in school, whichever subject it may be, we all have a tendency to sit down and stare at the prompt, with absolutely no idea of where to start.

Why is that? That’s because if we just type the prompt into a Google search, we will actually get nothing we need. Okay, okay, nothing may be too strong of a word to use here. But the information we get will definitely be superficial. It will only skim the surface and if we were to write an essay about this, half of the things written down will be either made up or concluded.

I remember in 3rd grade, I had to do a research project about an animal of Kenya and I chose a flamingo. There are two things I remember from that project. One, a flamingo has only one nostril. It has two holes, but it’s one long one. This is because when it’s feeding, it’s whole beak is in water and it needs the water to pass through, not remaining inside.

Two, the thing I inserted in the Google search read, “flamingos animal of Kenya but not the hotel also a big bird.” It was actually crazy. Even back then as a 3rd grader, I remember looking at my search engine and feeling slightly more stupid than normal.

There are a lot of hotels called Flamingo all over the world. So it makes sense that when I type in “flamingo” into the search engine, I’ll just get results about hotels on the coast of some country. And when I am actually looking for a hotel, it’ll give me results about the bird. Google tends to hate its clients at times.That’s why I tried to be the most specific I could be.

Even now, as an 11th grade student, I hopelessly search Google for hours and barely get any information out of it. It may partially be because I get distracted by the internet in general, but it also is that there’s too much information, too much of which is not what I actually want.

For example, my English class recently got a research project. We are to research about how an American poet rebels to society. Good luck finding that on Google. To actually get information on this, I can’t type in, “How does Shel Silverstein rebel to society?” and actually expect to get some great information.

Instead, I have to come up with different research facts that will eventually all connect with and lead to the big final question. That’s why research papers take forever. It doesn’t take that long to write, but it takes forever to gather information that is actually fully relevant to and fit for the occasion, sadly.

So as the writer and creator of a research paper and project, I have to go that far for the information and facts because there will be people reading my work and believing it.

Honestly, I’m actually not sure if the nostril fact is a fact or something my creative 3rd grade mind made up, so don’t take my word for it. But as a reader, you believed it because it was something new, something cool.

Word of the Day: rasasvada
(n.) the taste of bliss in the absence of all thoughts


Jon¬†Krakauer writes the infamous book¬†Into the Wild. It’s a great book about a young man named Chris McCandless who changed his name to Alex and goes into the wild because he despised materialism.

Krakauer writes the book in a way that it is a book written about different people who desired the similar things Alex did and even tried it. He himself is also in one of the stories he tells.

However, his goals were not only to tell Alex’s story. He wrote the book to convince¬†his audience to step away from society’s materialism just like the characters of his book did.

He took a great approach by, like I said before, making the whole book about people like Alex. And one of those people was Jon Krakauer himself. Instead of just telling his readers to do one thing without doing actually doing anything about it, he also told the story of how he himself took part in that action as well.

For example, if someone¬†shouts at me to stop shouting at people our of anger, there isn’t much credibility. However, if I know that someone is not someone who shouts out of anger, then that’s a whole different story. That someone is not a hypocrite and actually has the right to tell me that.

Another thing Krakauer does is giving Alex’s endeavor credibility by not being the only one talking about him. Other people in the story also talk about how golden Alex was and the readers could lucidly tell that he had made such a great impact on the people he encountered. Like Ron, the man who became an atheist after finding out about Alex’s death.

For example, ¬†if a boy who likes a girl explains about her, he’s bound to only mention the good things because he is biased towards her. However, if we get from other people about how great of a person she is, it will give us another point of view, possibly a view we can trust and believe as well.

Through this, Krakauer establishes a great argument. However, he is not fully able to convince his readers that giving up materialism is the road to the living because most of the people he mentioned end up dying. And through all the death that happened because of the pursuit of the life of the wild the readers are exposed to, the readers finish the book with the doubt of if that is actually the true way of living.

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