For Those to Come

Dear Sophomores who will be taking Advanced Placement English Language and Composition,

You may think that you are walking into a harder version of the Anglo-American Literature. But you are wrong. The two classes are very different.

American Lit is a class where you read books and analyze the storyline, character development, and solutions. AP Lang is a class where you read books and analyze how the author got his message and moral across. So don’t expect to do many story discussions.

The vocabulary quizzes can be easy, I promise. Just figure out a way to study that fits best for you. For example, Michelle Musili only had to look at it once before the quiz to ace the exam and I had to study all morning and all lunch in order for me to get higher than a 90%. At least I wasn’t like other kids who had to study all night in order to pass. So just find out a way that you can memorize best. Also, remember to make up examples that don’t make sense at all; they stick to your memory even better.

Blog posts can be fun to write. Just look at the prompt in different angles before actually writing it. It is a place where you can write what you wish others knew more about you or your opinions. Do not be afraid to voice yourself; that’s forbidden.

But that’s an important note. Don’t lose your own voice and opinions. Every time you say something you had never thought about to the class, the more the class will learn from you, be challenged by you, and start thinking because of you. And AP Lang is a class where students should constantly be improving in their thoughts in order to write a rich essay.

Every week, you will be required to write an essay. Don’t get your hopes up and expect high grades from the start. Your grades will be horrible. But do not ever give up because that is the road to even lower grades. She will give you writing logs and those things, though tedious, can be very useful. You get to read your essay and actually realize where you are weak and where you are strong; when you are writing it, it just seems amazing.

Remember to participate in discussions and remember to include the quiet ones in the classroom; that’s how you get higher grades during discussion times. Also, feel free to discuss out of the classroom environment; it really benefits your knowledge and your opinion.

One last note: Love Ms. Magnuson. She may seem mean, especially when she’s throwing your 19% papers at you, but she is full of love. Her passion for writing and words is beyond my capability to describe. Keep in mind that though she may be physically white, she did not grow up anywhere close to the States or just white people in general. Her love for her students is also amazing. She writes handwritten notes to her students and is always willing to give and receive hugs. Let her love you and appreciate her.

Well, I cannot say that this letter did much to prep you for AP Lang next year but I really hope you have a general sense and outline of what you should expect. Bestest of luck in your future AP Lang endeavors 🙂

A Junior who is taking Advanced Placement English Language and Composition,
Hanny Lee.

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