Shel Silverstein is a humpback anglerfish. He looks real scary and intimidating. He also looks kind of rough. But he intends no harm to human beings. And just like the humpback anglerfish lures its prey with a glowing light, he lures his readers with his poetry.

Shel Silverstein is a peppermint flower. His ideas are peppermint sticks, peppermint tea, peppermint this, and peppermint that. But like the peppermint flower, not many people actually know much about him. Most, including the internet, only know his poetry. No one really knows about his life.

Shel Silverstein is a pair of fluffy socks. His poems may seem goofy and superficial at first glance. In fact, it may also seem like it was made for kids. But once you get into them, they made you feel warm and comfortable. But sometimes, it get’s too warm and makes you uncomfortable by making your toes sweat.

Shel Silverstein is Sunday. In the beginning, it’s all chill. Things aren’t that intense unless you’re having serious trouble with your church. But once the evening comes along, you realize that tomorrow is Monday. Like so, when you read his poem, it seems light and usually humorous. But the more you read it over and over, something starts becoming odd and off.

Shel Silverstein is a peach. His physical appearance is pretty rough. Like allergies, it causes other people to stay away from him. But often, people take one bite and fall in love. The sweetness and juiciness attract people after people no matter the age. It’s all nice and soft until you reach the seed. Once it stabs your gums, it hurts like crap and that’s the end of the oh-so-sweet peach.

Shel Silverstein is the color green. With the childish yellow and deep blue, it creates a natural green.

Shel Silverstein is a circle. We can’t decide on what he is. Is he a shape with no angles at all? Or is he a shape with too many angles for the naked eye to catch?

Shel Silverstein is a fruit shake. We have no idea what kind of fruits are in that mixture. But the smell, the sweet, sour, indescribable scent is so pleasing and specific that you could almost guess the fruits within. Almost.

Shel Silverstein is a penthouse. People who love views will absolutely adore the place, but people afraid of heights wouldn’t even dare.

Shel Silverstein is childish. This doesn’t mean that he is stupid and reckless. He is innocent and pure and uses childlike descriptions to get the message across. And through this, he is able to reach people of all ages.

Shel Silverstein is a recorder. Most elementary students who go to a school with an American system learn how to play the recorder. Because of this, it is given a label of being easy and lame. But in reality, it can make beautiful noises that tie together into a song.

Shel Silverstein is spring. He is the blossom of flowers and sprinkles of rain that comes right after the struggles, winter, and the coldness.

Shel Silverstein is a sewing machine. He brings scraps from all over the place and stitches them together to make a piece of clothing. It depends on him on what kind of clothing. It could be a baby’s bib, a servant’s head dressing, and a pastor’s tie.

Shel Silverstein is a breeze. It’s cooling and relaxing. But without research, you have no idea how it starts, where it comes from, and why.

Shel Silverstein is Dobby from the Harry Potter. Though he struggles sometimes, he manages to say a word or two of wisdom to those around him. But like mentioned, sometimes, he confuses people and uses weird grammar.

Word of the Day: abditory
(n.) a place into which you can disappear; hiding place

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