Honestly, every girl dreams of owning a super cute blog whether that’s about fashion, food, or life. We see Tumblr pages while stuffing our faces with food and just admire the art of blogging.

Why do we blog? Why do they blog? Why do I blog?

I mean, it all really depends. Those people with fashion blogs have their blogs as advertisements for their sponsors and to show off their fabulousness and probably also their body and looks. People who blog about food and traveling have their blogs to share with the world what they eat and do, but also to show off the lives they live.

I would love to be blogging because of that, I must say. However, no company is going to send me clothes for me to pose in. I also do not have the money to go traveling around the world and eat the fancy-looking foods. Realistically, it’s just not happening.

But guess what doesn’t cost me money or a sponsor: my opinions.

I am a pretty blunt and honest person. People don’t really get the gist when I say that so I shall share some real life examples:

  1. Girls have a tendency to tell each others that they look beautiful. If someone in my clique is unsure about what they have on even though everyone is telling her that she looks stunning, she will come to me because I will give them the truth, no matter how brutal that is.
  2. I am a member of the Student Leadership Team. We plan school events like banquet and Sadies. But the team consists of quite the number of people and we are bound to come across things we disagree with. Usually, if someone is against an idea, they come to me to tell the leader about it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that they will stand on my side even if it’s technically their side. Instead, if someone disagrees with my–their–idea, they will quickly jump to that sides and start arguing against me, against their point. Logic.

As you can see, this honesty get’s used a lot. But I really don’t mind.

I am also a very opinionated person. So add brutal honesty with strongly opinionated together and produce the wonderful me. You probably guessed that if you had read my past posts.

And these blog posts are a great way to let my opinions out. No one has to read it; it’s just me ranting. People don’t have to agree with my stance; it’s just my opinion. But I would love it if someone read it, now or later, and learned something new, learned something that they had never known before. Maybe my posts, which contain honesty and opinions, can help broaden the view and ideas of someone else.

Word of the Day: alexithymia
(n.) the inability to express your feelings.

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