What We Deserve

The question of justice verses mercy is an important question in society just like the question of nature verses nurture.

I have mixed feelings about the question. Let me show you my thought process.

Of course, I would choose mercy. Forgiving everyone and loving everyone sounds great. But it is far more easier said than done.

Because if a situation were to pop up, would I be able to say that? If I find out one day that one of my sisters were raped, I am willing to chase that man to the ends of the earth and even go to the extreme of killing him. Forgiveness? Forget that. I went after justice, and that’s what he got.

And then my actions, to me, would be justified. But I would need mercy from that man’s family and friends, to get away with murder. Or would it be justice to let me go?

I read articles about cases from all around the world and shake my head. The world has fallen so far and we are all slowly running out of mercy. There’s only so much we can forgive and let go, and only so many times we can forgive and let go.

What does the world deserve? The world deserves justice. There are people, innocent people, dying all over the world. There are innocent people going into jail because they didn’t have the money to bribe anyone. These people deserve justice. The world deserves justice.

Rich people getting away with crimes because of their wealth deserve justice. People who got lucky and got away with a crime deserve justice. The world deserves justice.

But the world needs mercy. That’s where it gets confusing in my head. We deserve justice but we need mercy.

Which one helps people more? Mercy will let them know that they are loved and that they get a second chance. But let’s be honest here. They will also find out that they can get away with crimes, that that second chance can always be used to commit yet another crime, that there might also even be a next time. On the other hand, no one gets the chance to do any of that when in jail. No more victims have to be made, no more grief has to be caused, and no more pain has to be inflicted on anyone, on anyone else.

Because in that case, the act of showing mercy to someone ended up taking justice away from another.

Word of the Day: cupidity
(n.) eager or excessive desire, especially to posses something; greed; avarice

One thought on “What We Deserve

  1. Hanny, I love how you took us through your thought process, I feel like that was also in a way a personal not really experience but just a personal example that strengthened your post. One thing that confused me was if you thought that both were needed in this messed up world? Or if the world just needs one, because at one point you said, “The world needs mercy.” Other than that, well done!


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