Take a second and look at this advertisement:

Let’s connect the dots here, shall we?

“All animals have the same parts.”

Really, I don’t have to say much for anyone to sense that there is something wrong with this.

The words on the picture are talking about an animal. However, the picture shows a woman who is labeled like a cattle going in for slaughter. So does this mean that women equal animals? Or maybe basically naked women equal animals?

We must acknowledge the fact that this woman is a blond with blue eyes. She also is supposed to be white, but kind of has a tan whether it’s fake or not. Also, she has no stomach and instead has a round butt and big boobs. What is that supposed to mean and represent? What are girls who aren’t white or blond supposed to do? What about the girls who really don’t have a figure? Not everyone looks like a real life Barbie doll. But I must admit, she has really nice boobs.

Look at the words around the drawing of the cow: have a heart, go vegetarian. So does that mean, I, as a non-vegetarian, I am heartless? Plus, what does that statement have anything to do with the advertisement picture? Have a heart and stop liking girls? Have a heart become gay?

Also, why are those words around a cow with a heart right in the middle of its body? Where’s the logic? I don’t understand.

The company this advertisement comes from is called PETA. It stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Maybe, they are thinking highly or women by categorizing them with animals. Clearly, they think more highly of animals than they do of women.

Just the visual itself is quite provocative. So by looking at the advertisement far away, it probably wouldn’t feel wrong. But the closer and closer we get to the picture, the more in depth we think about the add, the weirder and worse it gets.

Honestly, though? What has to go through someone’s brain for a “masterpiece” like this to be produced?

What kind of society do we even live in? Advertisements with women, labelled like cattle, are allowed to be published for an animal company. Visual representations like this go around the internet and anyone is able to encounter or access it.

Let’s say a little boy sees this advertisement. How would it shape his reality and view on women?

Word of the Day: clinomania
(n.) the excessive desire to stay in bed

2 thoughts on “Pardon?

  1. Hanny,
    I love how you analyzed this image in more than one way. You looked at every aspect of it asking questions to get us as the readers to think about what you were trying to say. I think your use of rhetorical questions was really impactful, because it smoothly led us down the path of your thought. Your conclusion was also strong, it left the reader to think more about it, to go beyond your words. One thing I would suggest, is yes you had different ways of looking at this image, but maybe focusing on one would be stronger. Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading this 🙂


  2. Hanny this is a strong blog post. You ask a lot of strong, rhetorical questions that are quite thought provoking. I noticed one spelling mistake when you said, “Maybe, they are thinking highly or women.” I think you meant to put of in place for the or. Besides that it’s a really good blog post. It was coherent and fluid from paragraph to paragraph. Keep up the hard work.


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