Creepy May

Dear Crush,

I stare from afar into your window, admiring the way you change every morning. You have absolutely no idea how amazing you look. I can just imagine myself hugging that hairy chest as I fall asleep every night. I reckon it will feel just like the stuffed doll I have of you on my bed.

At night, I see you in front of your desk, trying to figure out what probably is your Calculus homework. But all I can think of is how I will brush and braid your leg hair every morning; you’ll love it, I swear.

If you were to propose to me, don’t worry about the planning because it is already done. We don’t have to invite everyone in our school, but since you are very popular, I thought you might want to. So I made invitations for all of them just in case. I’m already excited! We can decorate the place with pink and white roses since pink is my favorite color and white is yours. It will be so pretty!

Of course, we can get married as soon as we can. My parents said no the first time, but after exactly the four hundred eighteenth time, they sighed and said yes. I’m sure it was a sigh of happiness because I didn’t give up my never ending love for you.

The first time I met you, you had bumped into me and accidentally ripped my bag. You looked so sorry with your puppy eyes and a spots of milk on both sides of your lips. You helped me with my bag and even took me to the lost and found to find me a bag that was not ripped. And you smiled at me, showing me the beautiful pieces of food stuck in your teeth. I just fell for you right then and there. How could anyone be so honest?

Girls always follow you around– usually cheerleaders. But I have been practicing my dance moves through YouTube. I guarantee you, I am better than them.

However, I must confess. The girl who you brought to your home about a month ago who ever so accidentally broke her leg… Remember her? Yeah well, I did that. I didn’t exactly plan it through, but I think I really like the results. She’ll never come near you again, don’t worry.

Oh, I wrote too much. This was all to ask you one thing. Will you go to homecoming with me?

Your One and Only True Love,
May. ❤

Word of the Day: logolepsy
(n.) an obsession with words

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